Provision of formation water sampling and analysis advice


Water Sample

Water Sample

  • Minimises the risks of poor quality formation water samples and analyses being obtained.
  • Increases the range of tasks that can be undertaken using formation water compositions, and the quality of their results.
  • Reduces risks associated with decisions and plans made on the basis of results from these tasks.


It is not unusual for formation water compositions to vary across the field, between producing formations and between the water- and hydrocarbon-legs.  Formation water samples are often obtained during formation testing (e.g. MDT, RCI, etc) or during DSTs (at surface or using downhole samplers).  They can also be obtained from core samples.  The quality of the samples and analyses can be affected by the drilling and testing activities, and sampling, preservation, storage and analysis procedures.

core samples

Core Samples – an opportunity for formation water sampling

Where samples and analyses have not already been obtained we can help you plan your acquisition programs by:

  • Helping you identify what formation water analyses you require for your field and ranking them in terms of quality of data required.
  • Considering your appraisal and drilling plans and then helping you identify formation water sampling opportunities based on this information.
  • Providing advice on drilling fluids (and associated tracers), and testing, sampling, preservation and analysis procedures so that you obtain formation water samples and analyses that are as representative as possible for your field.
test separator - water sampling

Water sampling from a test separator

MDT tool

Formation tester – another opportunity to sample