Our services are beneficial to scale, well and reservoir management for both conventional and unconventional resources.

Typical projects we undertake include:

  • Full-field evaluation of formation water and produced water analyses to obtain information beneficial to those responsible for scale, well and reservoir management.
  • Evaluation of the quality of formation water samples/analyses obtained from appraisal wells (or core) and (where necessary) estimation of representative formation water compositions to minimise field development planning risks.
  • ‘Targeted’ studies to extract specific information from formation water and produced water analyses. For example:
    • Identifying and quantifying injection water breakthrough in specific wells or across the field with time.
    • Demonstrating reduction of scale risk due to the occurrence of reservoir reactions.
    • Water allocation.
    • Identifying the source of water production.
    • Providing evidence for zones of reduced connectivity in the reservoir.
  • Trouble-shooting well scale problems to understand their cause(s).
  • Full-field scale risk assessments and injection water selection studies.
  • Provision of bespoke sampling and analysis advice.

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