What our Clients say…..

Leader Petroleum Technology, Statoil ASA

I have had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Ross McCartney in the past, focusing on advanced well testing to monitor and control inorganic scale potential. Multi-rate well testing combined with water sampling and analysis proved to be a powerful tool for assessment of scale potential in multi-zone oil wells (SPE131011, SPE156519, SPE164113). Ross’ contribution to the work was invaluable and there is no doubt that Ross holds world leading competency within his area of expertise (this is also well known in the water chemistry and scale control community). Ross’ extensive network and knowledge base ensures state of the art approaches to any water chemistry or scale control related projects. In addition to his exceptional technical skills Ross also has personal skills that make him very easy and enjoyable to work with. He is extremely structured, a clear and precise communicator , and in spite of his superior skills he always approaches you in a humble and polite manner.

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, BP

Ross worked for me on the Shah Deniz Field.  His expertise in the evaluation and interpretation of formation water and produced water analyses was extremely useful to us.  He helped us to understand what valid data we had from core, MDT and produced water sample analyses, demonstrated how and why formation water compositions varied across this complex field, and explained what was causing our produced water compositions to vary.  This information underpinned subsequent work he undertook for us to explain the complex processes causing scale in some of our wells.  Ultimately this allowed us to confidently propose a scale mitigation strategy for the field.  I found Ross very easy to work with, he is rigorous in his approach, and he produced work to a high standard, on time and on budget. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ross to others faced with similar uncertainties on their fields.

Leading Advisor, Well Productivity & Stimulation, Statoil ASA

Over the years, Ross has conscientiously performed a number of formation water geochemical analyses and interpretations for our Statoil operated assets. He has shown extreme professionalism and dedication throughout these studies. When you work with Ross you know that you are working with a leading global expert in his field. His unique skills and experiences have given us insights into our reservoirs that we otherwise would not have had. This is invaluable as it has allowed us to develop fields for optimum production.  If you want a better understanding of your reservoir I can think of no better person to do this than Ross!

Senior Staff Petrophysicist, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

We worked twice together with Ross in the course of the evaluation of two fields on the NCS. We obtained formation water samples/analyses and in each case, we were uncertain of their quality.  With his knowledge and expertise in this area, Ross helped us understand the quality of the samples, and analyses, and provided us with a more reliable estimate of the formation water composition on each field.   This valuable information improved our understanding of the fields and helped in our field development plans, particularly those for scale management.

Production Chemist, Shell EPE

Ross interpreted a large body of formation water 87Sr/86Sr analyses we had collected from core and formation water samples from our North Sea field. He identified a correlation between Rw and 87Sr/86Sr ratios in our data set and used this to improve Rw characterisation of the oil-leg across this complex field. This valuable information was unexpected and helped us minimize the uncertainty in the location of the FWL across the field, confirmed the average saturation in the reservoir and helped us revise the calculated Sw distribution in the transition zone. We would not have obtained this information had it not been for Ross’ in-depth knowledge of formation waters and their oilfield applications. We are very satisfied with the results delivered. Ross was very professional, integrated well with the team and was fun and upbeat. The work was subsequently published:

McCartney R. A., Kechichian J., Lynn G., and Ross G. (2013) Use of 87Sr/86Sr analyses to understand compartmentalisation and the variation of Rw in the Forties reservoir of the Pierce Field, central North Sea. In 24th International Oilfield Chemistry Symposium. Geilo, Norway, Tekna.

Senior Production Technologist, Wintershall Norge AS

I worked together with Ross on a number of projects, aiming at a re-evaluation of formation water composition for development projects. By methodically working his way through well and sampling reports and utilizing sophisticated geochemical modelling, he was able to provide the projects with reliable input data for further studies required on scaling and corrosion. Within these projects, Ross demonstrated not only very high technical expertise and very good geochemical simulation skills, but also a very structured and organized approach, leading to timely delivery of the results. He furthermore proved very good abilities in communicating those to the mixed audience in the development teams. I very much enjoyed working with Ross so far and am looking forward to collaborate on future projects with him.

Principal Production Engineer and Lead Production Engineer, North Sea Operator

Oilfield Water Services provided an impressive quality of work, with good interaction, during our formation water study.  Ross’ expertise and ability to use multidisciplinary information to derive results was highly appreciated and was an important contribution to the decision to select sea water injection as the main drainage strategy.

Field Development Manager, Maersk Oil

Having worked with Ross on a number of occasions, it was always clear that he is an expert in his chosen field.  Despite working in a pretty specialist area of work, he was always able to communicate his findings clearly so that the wider project team could understand the relevance and importance of his work.  Excellent to work with and highly recommended.

Production Team Lead, Large UK operator

Subsea field: Evaluation of produced water analyses to aid scale management.  Ross was utilised to support the team and professionally conducted a review of field appraisal well formation water analyses and produced water analyses from 2 subsea production wells.  The produced formation water composition from each well was confirmed and showed that the formation water compositions vary across the field.  Low sulphate seawater breakthrough was confirmed in one well.  This was a critical piece of knowledge we needed to establish with independent support that Well#1 water was indeed different from Well#2. This knowledge was used in anger to advise operator management and assess the scaling risk. The critical driver being: Baseline oil production and integrity protection while keeping OPEX under control (DSV scale squeeze operations are costly).

Project Production Chemist, Maersk Oil

Ross provided a high quality, efficient, professional service for myself to determine and confirm water chemistry for a new development, back calculating contaminants out. This was supported by a global due diligence as the water was unexpected. The results of which can be seen in the paper SPE-179906-MS.