Paper accepted for OCS, Geilo, Norway, March 2015

A paper entitled “Reactive transport modelling of mud filtrate invasion during drilling and application to mud contamination corrections on formation water analyses” has been accepted for oral presentation at the Oilfield Chemistry Symposium, Geilo, Norway, 22- 25 March 2015.  The paper will be presented by Ross McCartney (Oilfield Water Services Limited) and will be co-authored by Henriette Dorthea Aarrestad, Siv Kari Lien, Kari Ramstad, Øystein Sæther, and Rita Iren Johnsen (all Statoil ASA). View the abstract here.

Presentation at the next LPS seminar

Ross McCartney will be giving a presentation (“Are your formation water analyses representative?”) at the Geological Society, Burlington House, London, on Thursday 11th December, 2014.  The presentation will be part of the London Petrophysical Society Seminar on “Reservoir Fluids: Sampling, PVT & Equations of State, Downhole Fluid Analysis, Water Chemistry, Acidic Gases, Asphaltenes”. View the abstract here.